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SDN Services - RISE
Providing programmable network environment in 15 sites

About the services

Provide environment for researchers to dynamically control and test functionality of network

It is allowing users to actively configure network and test its functions, SDN (Software-Defined Networking) is the technology provides separation of network functions into data transmission and control plane. The technology uses the controller, a programmable software, to actively configure and control the network.
RISE (Research Infrastructure for large-Scale Experiments) which is SDN/OpenFlow testbed allows users to conduct experiments and verifications on a wide SDN environment, it consisted of the network set up with OpenFlow switches and virtual servers at eleven locations in Japan also in Seattle, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. RISE offers flexible network that allows users to have a flexible mindset to create network. For example, users can choose the communication route in response to the application they use.

Environment for Experiments

Allowing to conduct experiments in a logically isolated environment

It allows users to conduct experiments using a wide SDN environment which consists of OpenFlow switches by bringing a VM image of OpenFlow controller into the system, or install a controller onto controller VM (this could be provided by RISE). In this system, it logically isolates each user and applies multi-tenancy, therefore it is possible to run more than 50 different experiments simultaneously.
RISE is constructed on 'JGN' Network Testbed and providing the virtualized network which enables users to configure topologies free from the physical network. For this reason, we can provide customized network environment suite to any types of experiments. Furthermore, we support experiments on interconnectivity using SDN technology developed by NICT as well as by users.

RISE Structure

Nationwide testing environment

We offer the nationwide testing environment which suited for users' needs with OpenFlow switches and VM servers (Virtual machines) at 11 sites in Japan and 4 sites in overseas.

  • National Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
  • ICT Testbed Coordination and Planning Office
    ICT Testbed Research and Development Promotion Center

      E-mail: tb-info@jgn-x.jp
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