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Virtualization services
A nationwide fundamental virtual environment with virtual routers and virtual storages

About the services

Users can configure the virtual environments

The virtual storages of ‘Virtual Services’ provides users with virtual machines/storages on JGN network. The virtual routers authorizes users to use high end routers on JGN network. Users can optimize network topologies and conduct experiments with complicated routing methods. Combining these services makes it possible for researcher to conduct widely applicable experiments.

Use cases and suitable fields

Possible to combine with other services

Users can conduct experiments with their original software routers onto the virtual network which is created with virtual storages. Because we provide multiple services, users can combine any of our services to conduct a wide range of advanced R&D and experiments without preparing own routers and storages.

Service Environment

Virtual Routers

We have routers in multiple locations within Japan and provide the fundamental environment of virtual routing plane (environment for experiments) and consoles to control these routers for researchers. Researchers are able to setup virtual router functions (RIP, CSPF, BGP4, MPLS and various encapsulation functions) by themselves.

Virtual Storages

We also have storages in multiple locations within Japan and provide the fundamental environment with virtual machines and storages. Each location is connected to JGN backbone networks (10Gbps) and it is large enough to conduct experiments requiring to use a wide range and a large amount of data transmission. Users are free to install Operation Software on VMware and possible to use storages with 10Gbps connections.

  • National Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
  • ICT Testbed Coordination and Planning Office
    ICT Testbed Research and Development Promotion Center

      E-mail: tb-info@jgn-x.jp
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