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New Generation Network Testbed JGN-X


Openflow Technology — Revolution to Network Technology

The aim of expansion of Openflow in the JGN-X testbed is to advance the research and development environment for New Generation Network by implementing the New Generation Network (NwGN) technology on JGN-X and to build a integrated management operation system on it.

Example of a Solution via Usage of Openflow

  • To build a New Generation Network technology as a testbed
    – To propose, build, and test the networking model for service providers
       and carriers through operational management
    – To propose a model for a Virtual Network Operator
  • Network Infrastructure for Cloud Computing
    – Efficient usage of computer resource by collaborating with virtual server
       and storage systems
  • Manage user traffic by Flow*
    – Unlike legacy VLAN management, this system is able to avoid VLAN tag
       exhaustion problems
  • To able to provide automated slice allotment for users
    – To be able to choose which network resource users want to use
*:Tuple space defined by Openflow specifications described by the Openflow consortium

Example of a Solution via Usage of Openflow

One of the challenges that may be solved by various experiments on this testbed is the challenge of dynamic flow management technology.

What Openflow Testbed Aims

Figure below is the layers to the network virtualization environment which Openflow testbed aims to build on the JGN-X network.

Some of the past results of Openflow used experiments are as follows: (as of March, 2011)

Sapporo Snow Festival / content broadcast:
Usage of Openflow testbed as one of the networks to transmit video content between broadcasting companies.

  • Year 2010
    Building the first wide area Openflow network
  • Year 2011
    Using dynamic flow management to manage operation on a wide area testbed network

Planned experiment on the Openflow testbed on the JGN-X

The JGN-X is to make experiments to extract necessary conditions to make a effective testbed for users. In this experiment, necessary items from both users and operators are needed to find and adopt.

OpenFlow Website

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