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New Generation Network Testbed JGN-X

What's JGN-X?

Achievements of JGN/JGN2/JGN2plus
—Gigabit Class Network, Large Scale Multicast/IPv6 Environment,
      and to Advanced Optical Testbed Network —

National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), has started its testbed network from 1999, called Japan Gigabit Network.  In 2004, a testbed network with wide multicast and IPv6 capabilities, JGN2 started, and in 2008, the advanced testbed foreseeing the New Generation Network technologies, JGN2plus project started as well. In the process, we have upgraded the network functionality and performance with the technology trend.

As well as the promotion of advanced research and development, achievements such as education of ICT human resource, promotion of research activities in rural areas, international competition improvement, was seen in the projects.

What New Generation Network Testbed“JGN-X”Aims

From 2011, NICT will be running the new mid-term plans, and will start the new JGN-X(JGN eXtreme) project, replacing JGN2plus. This testbed network will the center of the realization of new generation network and its expansion.  

NICT will implement and expand to wide area JGN-X testbed the new generation network technologies that NICT have developed, and is planning to develop. By expanding these technologies to JGN-X, the near real world network, we will be able to deepen the relationship between the JGN-X users and NICT research, and as a result, promote the usage of the new network technologies.  

Also, we will collaborate with the large scale emulation environment, StarBED3 to enable the testbed network to be a general testbed network enabling experiments from emulation to wide range network experiments. JGN-X will continue to feedback the experiment results to the researchers regarding the testbed environment to spirally accelerate the development of new generation network.  

As a result, we aim to implement the prototype new generation network on the JGN-X network.


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