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This Website (http://www.jgn.nict.go.jp/) is managed by NICT Network Testbed R&D Promotion Center.

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The copyright of contents (Text, Material, Image, Voice/Sound, etc.) in this website is possessed by NICT, affiliated companies or the third parties. It is prohibited to utilize the contents for the secondary objectives by copying, diversing usages, sales, etc. in case of neither commercial, non-commercial nor Intranet usage.


About Linking with This Website

It is allowed to link with this website without notification.
However, there is a possibility of changing URL other than the top page of a Japanese version and an English version without a previous notice. Please link to the top page.
●Top page of Japanese version : http://www.jgn.nict.go.jp/
●Top page of English version : http://www.jgn.nict.go.jp/english/
In case of linking with the pages in related departments, please link with the top page together with them. Besides, the websites for research departments are managed with their own responsibilities.


Exemption Items

  • Please be informed that the contents and URL on this website can be changed and suspended without preliminaries.
  • NICT has no responsibility for information changes, any damages caused by interruption or suspension of this website even regardless of any reasons.


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About JavaScript

In this website, JavaScript is used. In case of making JavaScript unable in the using browser, it cannot function correctly or sometimes cannot be indicated correctly.
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