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APII Workshop 2012

The APII R&D testbed provides a new network and framework for researchers and engineers in the Asia-Pacific region to develop and expand Future Internet technologies.
APII Workshop is yearly held by NICT and NIA to share each research activities.
For 2012, NICT took the turn and the workshop was held in Tokyo on October 29th.

  • Date:      October 29th, 2012
  • Venue:   Meiji-Kinenkan (Meiji Memorial Hall)

Presentations in APII Workshop 2012

Please click the following title to see and download the documents (PDF).

No. Title Organization Speaker
1 JGN-X Updates: Recent R&D Activitities NICT Eiji Kawai
2 APII Update - KOREN - NIA Sanggyun Kim
3 RISE - SDN testbed on JGN-X NICT Shuji Ishii
4 SDN-enabled OF@TEIN Testbed GIST Dr. JongWon KIM
5 Autonomous Fast Rerouting for Software Defined Network NTT Shohei Kamamura,
(Akeo Masuda,
 Koji Sasayama)
6 Tele-medichine Activities - Medical Tele-live Surgery, Collaboration SNUBH Junghun LEE
7 Human Centric Cyber Physical System Based Sensing Osaka Univ. Prof. Teruo Higashino
8 IoT-Silo: An Agent-Based Service Platform for IoT NIA
(Anyang Univ.)
Dr. IlKwon CHO
(Dr. EuiHyun Jung)
9 A study of virtualization control architecture for mobile networks Korea Univ. Prof. Choong-Ho Cho
10 NerveNet: A Self-distributed Wireless Mesh Access Network Platform with In-network Contents Caching, Processing and Forwarding NICT Yasunori Owada
11 Overlay Contents Routing Test KOREN KT Yi, Dong-Hoon
(Masugi Inoue,
 Ryu Miura,
 Hiroaki Harai,
 Kiyoshi Hamaguchi,
 Hiroyuki Tsuji)
12 Service-Oriented Open Routers NII
(Keio Univ.)
Dr. Michihiro Koibuchi
(H. Nishi)
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