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APII Workshop 2014

The APII R&D testbed provides a new network and framework for researchers and engineers in the Asia-Pacific region to develop and expand Future Internet technologies.

APII Workshop 2014 was successfully held in Osaka on October 8th.

Presentations in APII Workshop 2014

Presentation materials are available in PDF (click title to open).
(as of 21st Nov. 2014)

Time Topic Title Organization Speaker
10:00 Welcome Address NICT Director of JGN-X,
Shinji Shimojo
10:05 KOREN side address NIA VP of NIA,
Kyungsup Kim
10:10-10:20 <Photo Break> Taking Photo (all attendees)
Morning Session
10:20 APII Update - JGN-X NICT Seiichi Yamamoto
10:40 APII Update - KOREN NIA Sanggyun Kim
11:00 SDN RISE - SDN testbed on JGN-X NICT Nobuhiko Itoh
11:20 Medical Medical area activity progress in Korea SNUBH Junghun Lee
11:40 SDN Global research for advancing the international network to the future network Yonsei U Seungyong Park
12:00-13:30 <Lunch Break>
Afternoon Session 1
13:30 SDN PIX-IE : Programmable Internet eXchange in Edo Univ. of
Yuji Sekiya
13:50 SDN Development of OF-TEIN-based Multi-Cloud SDN Testbed and Experiment of Future Mobile Services Korea Univ. Sangheon Pack
14:10 High energy physics A short history of High Energy Physics activity around Japan and Korea KEK Soh Suzuki
14:30 SDN OF@TEIN & OF@KOREN SDN-enabled International Testbeds GIST Sun Park
14:50-15:20 <Coffee Break>
Afternoon Session 2
15:20 8K Transmission Uncompressed 8K Video Streaming over 100Gbps Experimental Network NTT Hiroyuki Kimiyama
15:40 Mobile A Study on Global Testbed and Its Test of Open Mobile Network Platform Kyunghui U. Seung Il Moon
16:00 VLBI Japanese e-VLBI network, OCTAVE NAOJ Yusuke Kono
16:20 Multicast SDN Multicasting on KOREN/APII/TEIN Konkuk U Sunyoung Han
16:40-17:00 <Closing>
17:00 Demonstration Demonstrations in "The Lab" of Knowledge Capital (NICT's Glass-Free 200inch 3D display, etc) NICT Director of JGN-X, Shinji Shimojo
18:00-20:00 Reception
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