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New Generation Network Testbed JGN-X

Status of Utilization

JGN-X is used by researchers and research organizations widely for research projects and demonstrations/events.
Also, by using the 5 JGN-X international circuits, researchers can collaborate directly with USA, Thailand, Singapore, Korea and China organizations, as well as Europe and other countries using the  interconnection of networks.

Utilization Status of Research Projects

The status of utilization is as below.

Utilization Status / As of March 31, 2016

Items Number
1. Research Project 147
2. Researchers (Total) 1,173
3. Research Organizations (Total) 315
  • National Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
  • ICT Testbed Coordination and Planning Office
    ICT Testbed Research and Development Promotion Center

    TEL:+81-3-3272-3060   FAX:+81-3-3272-3062   E-mail:jgncenter@jgn-x.jp
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