JGN2plus Preview

Services Provided by JGN2plus

JGN2plus Services Available
Network Services

L3: IP Connection
- IP interconnection between JGN2plus users, or between JGN2plus users and other research networks
IPv4/v6 Dual Stack, IPv6 Native (Full Route), Core Routers on Main APs

L2: Ethernet Connection
- Point-to-Point Connection Service: VLAN-based L2 Point-to-Point Interconnection
- Multi-point Connection Service: VLAN-based L2 Multi-point Interconnection
- Jumbo-framed Support (over 1G, 10G Lines)
Optical Testbed
- Hakusan - (8 fibers) - Otemachi - (16 fibers) - Koganei
for experiments of optical-level transmission
International Network Structure (5 circuits)
Operation Service + R&D
- Operation / Management of Circuits, Equipment on APs
- Service Platform Provisioning
- Technical Supports
Optical Testbed Service
Optical Testbed Service
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Optical Testbed Service

This is the service to perform experiments of optical transmission, etc. through providing fiber leads of low loss.

This service is provided through about 592km dark fibers which are configured in total among NICT Koganei, Otemach and Hakusan.


Nation-Wide Network Configuration

Nation-wide Access Points are connected by L2/L3 having the circuit capacity from 100Mbps to 10Gpps.

JGN2plus International Network Structure (L2/L3)
JGN2plus International Circuits (L2/L3)
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JGN2plus International Network Structure

In JGN2plus Project, five international circuits are prepared.

  • USA in 10Gbps
  • Thailand in 45Mbps
  • Singapore in 155Mbps
  • Hong Kong in 2.4Gbps
  • Korea (APII) in 10Gbps

Mutual Connection between JGN2plus and Regional Networks
(incl. Provisional Plans)
Mutual Connection between JGN2plus and Regional Networks (incl. Provisional Plans)
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Regarding the Mutual Connection with Regional Network

In JGN2plus Project, it is aimed to try to promote its utilization by urging collaboratively the mutual connection onward between the JGN2plus network and regional networks.