JGN2 JGN2 Symposium 2006
 2006.1.18E19E20 ЗZ^[ in Sendai
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"JGN2 symposium 2006 in Sendai" is completed.
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The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) initiated to operate the JGN2 as a R&D testbed network in April 2004.  The JGN2 aims to promote the R&D for a super-high-speed network and advanced applications technologies in order to realize the advanced network society towards the next generation, linking the industry, the academia, the government and regional organizations.

This time, NICT will hold “JGN2 Symposium 2006 in Sendai” during January 18-20, 2006 to obtain a better understanding of activities on the JGN2 and promote to share information among the researchers and communities concerned.

Through presentations and panel discussions, this Symposium will offer the wide-ranging information on research activities on JGN2, measures of the JGN2 utilization in respective regions and international collaboration through the JGN2 Japan-US and Japan-Asia international circuits.

The program will also include panel and demonstration exhibitions which will provide information on the activities and researches utilizing the JGN2.


Program Inquiries
National Institute of Information
and Communications Technology
Network Testbed Management Division
TEL: 03-3769-6865
Held in Conjunction with
Date January 18-20, 2006
Venue Sendai International Center
Organized by
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
Held in Conjunction with
ICOIN 2006

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JGN2 Symposium 2006