Network  Structure
What's JGN2plus NOC?

JGN2plus NOC remotely operates and maintains JGN2plus's Japanese and international circuits, equipments, and access points.
The national NOC operates and maintains intra-Japan circuits, and international NOC operates international circuits.  The NOC also supports technical questions from users and research projects leaded by research centers.


[ JGN2plus NOC's Operations ]

  1. JGN2plus network equipment's monitoring
  2. JGN2plus network equipment's maintenance and configurations
  3. Configuring network paths for JGN2plus users
  4. JGN2plus network equipment's management
  5. Technical support for user connections to JGN2plus



Contacts for JGN2plus NOC
KDDI Otemachi Bldg 21F,
1-8-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004, Japan
  Phone : 03-3272-3063
  Facsimile : 03-5200-2118
  E-Mail :
(Available on Business Days, 9:00-17:00)
Information Released on the JGN2plus NOC Web Page

Please refer to the button below (Japanese only) to find out more information regarding the JGN2plus NOC, including information on maintenance, outage, optical testbed usage schedules, and traffic information.

[ Maintenance and Outage Information ]

  1. Outage Information
  2. Planned Maintenance Information
  3. Last Year's Outage and Planned Maintenance Information


[ Traffic Information ]

  1. Traffic Usage Graph (MRTG)
  2. Map (Traffic Weather Map)


[ Optical Testbed Usage Schedule ]

[ Access Point Information ]

[ Network Information ]

[ Information on Equipments for User Accomodation ]

[ About Mailing Lists ]

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