JGN (Japan Gigabit Network) is composed of Gigabit Network Communication Circuit and Shared Use Research Facilities (Gigabit Laboratory). Four years have passed since the operation of JGN in 2000. And JGN has been used by a large number of research organizations for R&D.


1.Basic Policy

Regarding Next Generation Ultra High-Speed Network, Promotion Conference will do the following:

  1. Develop applicable fields and indicate the effectiveness of Ultra High-Speed Network widely.
  2. Clarify technological, systematic, social and other challenges and indicate the methods of solution and direction.
  3. Demonstrate the practicability by forming partnership with industry, academia, government, and on an international basis as well as promoting technical development.

Since 2003 is the final year for JGN project, promote integrated R&D in order to put together the results of 5-year project and develop these achievements proactively.

Also towards the development of ubiquitous network in the future, in order to contribute to the structure of the next generation research and development network, which will be a base of test bed , utilize knowledge and know how which was gained from the JGN project fully and promote development and penetration of the high network technology, and application technology, which will conduce to the realization of ubiquitous network society.

(1) Summarizing results and deployment of the achievement

Creating Achievement Report

  • Creating achievement report, activity report and operation report evaluating JGN activity as quantitative as possible and summarize them cyclopaedically and systematically.

Holding of achievement presentation meetings

  • Utilization of Gigabit Network Symposium 2004 (tentative name)

(2) Nationwide promotion of utilization and public relations

Holding a Gigabit Network Symposium(tentative title)

  • It is scheduled to be held in January 2004 in Tokyo. The major content will be the report of the achievement. It is planned to enrich demonstration exhibitions.

Further linkage with Regional Conference

  • Support to organize Symposiums in the region
  • Active disclosure of Regional Conference Activity

Further expansion of JGN web site

  • Disclosure and expansion of JGN traffic information
  • Further improvement of interview articles

(3) Promotion of R&D

Promoting R&D using long distance high capacity test bed

  • Implementation of benchmark experiment
  • Consideration of context

Promoting R&D cooperation with overseas and regions

Promoting cooperation among direct research groups under direct supervision of JGN

Support and advice from viewpoint of experts that associate with JGN activity

(4) Promoting foreign and domestic researchers' exchange

Implementation of researchers' exchange at Gigabit Network Symposium 2004(tentative title)

  • Plan and promotion with overseas researchers' exchange activities
  • Research presentation cooperation with foreign and domestic academic society, and offering opportunity for researchers' exchange

Research exchange and cooperation by Gigabit Laboratory

  • Cooperation within Gigabit Laboratory
  • oordination with universities, local governments, regional networks, research groups and direct research under JGN's supervision
  • Participation and cooperation to other research groups, events and regional activities
  • Further support for JGN users

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