4.Apr.1999 Opening of Kitakyushu Gigabit Laboratory
11.May.1999 Opening of Tsukuba Gigabit Laboratory
13.May.1999 Opening of Keihanna Gigabit Laboratory
27.May.1999 Private View of Kochi Communication Traffic Research Center
2.Jun.1999 Private View of Makuhari Gigabit Research Center
19.Nov.1999 Opening of Okayama Gigabit Laboratory
24.Nov.1999 Opening of Kyoto Gigabit Laboratory

1.Apr.1999 JGN operation started
Apr.2000 Traffic Information Disclosure by Champion on Web started
1.Sep.2000 Established 5 more access points and started their operation
11.Aug.2001 Established 15 more access points and started their operation
1.Oct.2001 IPv6 operation service test started
1.Apr.2002 Full-fledged Ipv6 operation started
17.Jan.2003 Constructed the world's largest long distance & high- c apacity test bed l on the JGN
21.Apr.2003 Disclosure of JGN traffic information by "JaNI" started
28.Apr.2003 Disclosure of distributed Ipv6 traffic monitoring system "Cp Monitor" started
1.May.2003 Long distance & high capacity testbed was disclosed to general research organizations
30.May.2003 Recruitment of contest using long distance & high capacity t est-bed started

26.Nov.1999 Gigabit Network Symposium '99 was organized (At Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, Iikura Annex)
18-21.Jul.2000 Made a presentation at INET2000/iGrid2000 (At National Convention Hall, Yokohama)
21.Jul.-6.Aug.2000 Made a presentation at Dream Technology Fair of 21 Century (At Tokyo Big Site)
18.Nov.2000 Gigabit Network Symposium 2000 was organized (At Kitakyushu International Conference Center)
2-6.Oct.2001 Made a presentation at CEATEC JAPAN 2001
19-21.Nov.2001 Organized Gigabit Network Symposium 2001 was organized (At Bankoku Shinryoukan)
3-5.Jul.2002 Made a presentation at NetWorld+Interop 2002 Tokyo
9-11.Oct.2002 Gigabit Network Symposium 2002 was organized in Hokkaido (At Sapporo Media Park Spica)

Public Offering by TAO
19.May.1999 Budget for fiscal 2000. Open recruitment started
11.Jan.2000 A second supplementary budget for fiscal 2000. Open recruitment started
5.Apr.2000 Budget for fiscal 2001. Open recruitment started
9.Jan.2001 A second supplementary budget for fiscal 2001. Open recruitment started
4.Apr.2001 Budget for fiscal 2002. Open recruitment started

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