System of JGN aims implementation of R&D and its promotion of utilization.


System aims R&D implementation

R&DR&D of JGN consists of 4 fields: direct research, Gigabit Laboratories, public offering research, and general utilization.

As for direct research, its R&D is anchored by TAO and it tackles with cutting edge research themes at research centers.

Gigabit Laboratories are Shared Use Research Facilities which form a partnership with JGN and they are installed in 5 locations throughout Japan.

As for public offering research, TAO will bear the expenses for research that will be adopted through public recruiting. (Public offering research system ended in 2001, and the system was integrated to "strategic information communication technology research promotion system" ,which is conducted by Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications from then on 2002.)

As for general utilization, user and TAO will sign up with a joint research so the user can conduct R&D using JGN. A large number of organizations are participating to this kind of research.

System aims JGN users' promotion

organization_chartJGN hold a Next Generation Ultra High-Speed Network Promoton Conference annually and aiming R&D promotion and discussion of smooth and effective operation.

Under the Next Generation Ultra High-Speed Network Promoton Conference, there areSecretarial Board, Research Promotion Committee, Shared Use Research Facilities Promotion Committee, and Network Administration Board.

The Secretarial Board discusses concrete promotion policy regarding R&D and operation policy of JGN. Its aim is to operate smooth Promotion Conference and it consists of representatives from each Board and Committee.

Research Promotion Committee consists of JGN users and its aim is to exchange information regarding R&D, promoting the utilization of JGN as well as promotion of R&D.

Shared Use Research Facilities Promotion Committee consists of Gigabit Lab users and discusses how to use the facilities efficiently as well as promotion of utilization for JGN users.

Network Administration Board consists of leaders of direct research and sub leaders in order to conduct smooth and efficient operation of JGN and discusses issues from the viewpoint of professional and technical situation.

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