R&DTelecommunication Advancement Organization (TAO) has been operat JGN(Japan Gigabit Network)as the first full-fledged next generation test bed for research and development purposes for five years, starting from April of 1999 till 2003. The aims of JGN are to contribute to ultra high-speed network technology and high application technology as well as higher standard of information communication technology.

JGN consists of networks which link to ATM switches installed in ten locations throughout Japan as well as 56 nodes connected to the ATM switched nationwide that allow access to maxim circuit. Furthermore, as an R&D facility, it has linked to 10 direct R&D Research Centers (Research Centers) and five Shared Use Research Facilities Gigabit Laboratories (Gigabit lab).

JGN has been widely used to industries, universities, research institutions, local governments and other organizations and utilized as an open network by not limiting users. As for the penetration of next generation Internet Protocol (IPv6) as well as development and promotion, JGN has been responding to IPv6 since October 2001 and has constructed the largest native scaled IPv6 network. Moreover, aiming to promote development of the Internet Protocol dealing with the conventional long distance transmission, JGN constructed the long distance and high capacity network whose length is 350,000 km maximumin January 2002.


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