AT 10 research center coordinated with JGN, TAO conducts research and development related to next generation ultra high-speed large scaled network' as its own research (direct research).

At the 4 facilities mentioned below, research and development towards faster realization of the next generation ultra high-speed network society, ultra high-speed network technology, next generation internet technology and high application technology have been conducted.
Makuhari Gigabit Research Center/ Detached Lab of The University of Tokyo
  • R&D relates QoS improvement technology
  • R&D relates circuit control technology
  • R&D relates ultra highresolution image network application
Kochi Communication Traffic Research Center
  • R&D relates QoS Monitoring evaluation
  • R&D for gigabit network via circuit data drive distribution processing system
  • R&D relates Home space system construction
  • R&D relates sophisticated TV on demand technology
Tohoku University Detached Lab.
  • R&D for flexible QoS control
  • R&D of display system and visualization of network information for administrative use
  • R&D of storage system for high-speed image server
  • R&D for distribution network monitoring system

At the 3 facilities below, R&D for operation managenment technology using IPv6 network that is construced on JGN has been conducted towards realization of ultra high-speed network using next generation Internet Protocol IPv6.
TAO Tokyo Research and Operation Center
Okayama Interoperability and Evaluation Lab
Makuhari Gigabit Research Center
  • R&D for IPv6 network operation management technology
  • R&D for IPv6 traffic analysis and control technology

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