Article 1. This policy comprises requirements and regulations for appropriate use of Japan Gigabit Network services.
Gigabit Network
Article 2. Japan Gigabit Network services are provided for research and development of telecommunication and broadcasting technologies such as deployment of highspeed networking or high-performance advanced applications, operated by Telecommunication Advancement Organization (hereafter referred to as TAO) until the end of fiscal 2004.
Article 3. Usage of Japan Gigabit Network is approved to the researchers and research institutions (hereafter referred to as Users) defined in the Joint Research Contract related to the Gigabit Network with TAO.
Application Process
Article 4. Users should submit applications to TAO to request their desired bandwidth or the time period of use, following the procedures in the Guide to Japan Gigabit Network.
  1. TAO will arrange the allocation of time or bandwidth based on the user's application if necessary.
Article 5. Users are subject to restrictions in the use of Japan Gigabit Network. These include:
  1. Use of Japan Gigabit Network irrelevant to the research activities indicated in the Joint Research Contract specified in the Article 3,
  2. Use to seek direct commercial profit,
  3. Disturbance of the Network operation,
  4. Illegal and unethical conduct, and
  5. Any other conduct that TAO deems inappropriate.
Quality Control
Article 6. TAO will not provide users with a guarantee for quality of services (QoS) of Japan Gigabit Network.
Means of Communication
Article 7. Users are required to establish and maintain the Internet connectivity for the purposes of contact and correspondence with outside entities.
Article 8. Users must abide by this AUP and the procedures specified in Guide to Japan Gigabit Network and must cooperate with Japan Gigabit Network operation as well.
  1. Users are required to cooperate with TAO for its communication data collection that is necessary for operation and research of Japan Gigabit Network.
  2. Users must observe the AUPs of other networks when they connect to them via Japan Gigabit Network.
  3. Users should take appropriate measures to administer their usage so that they will not use Japan Gigabit Network for irrelevant purposes which are not indicated in the Contract as stipulated in Article 3.
Intellectual Property Rights
Article 9. Intellectual Property Rights obtained by using Japan Gigabit Network are to be defined in the Joint Research Contract specified in Article 3.
Article10. TAO has the right to cancel Japan Gigabit Network connectivity when users violate the AUP.
Additional Rule
This AUP is to be enforced on March 5, 1999.

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