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Outline of RISE

The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) started an operation of research and development of the test bed network “Japan Gigabit Network” (JGN) from fiscal 1999, which was the era of the Telecommunications Advancement Organization. Since then, network function and performance has been enhanced based on the technical trend and in fiscal 2004 “JGN2”, in which the large-scale multicast environment and IPv6 test bed are equipped, and in fiscal 2008 “JGN2plus”, which is a state-of-the-art test head and looking forward to developing next generation network, were started. Through these operations, a wide range of research activities has been promoted such as research and development of a state-of-the-art network technique and verification test of various applications.

Through these activities, not only promotion of advanced R&D but also various achievements such as the fostering of ICT human resources, activation of local research activities, improvement of global competitiveness and the activation of industries have been obtained.

Outline of RISE

New generation communication network testbed "JGN-X"

Based on these achievements, NICT transited to an approach based on the third mid-term planning from fiscal 2011 and aims at the “Establishment of a new generation network technique.” In March 2011, JGN2plus was terminated. In April 2011, the next generation communication network test head “JGN-X” (JGN eXtream) was constructed and started its operation as the new test bed environment for achieving and evolving a new generation network technique to be a pillar of NICT network research. NICT will be focused on R&D utilizing the progressive environment.

By implementing and evolving element technology of the new generation network technique, which NICT has developed up to now or whose development is expected in the future, into JGN-X, which is a wide area network close to actual use, the relation between customers using JGN-X and R&D of NICT is deepened more than ever and R&D of the network technique and its use and application technique will be promoted. While associating with other test bed environments such as StartBED3, which is a large-scale emulator, a multilayered consolidated network test bed environment that can perform from the emulation and verification of a wide area network will be achieved. The next generation communication network test bed “JGN-X” finally aims for constructing a prototype of the next generation network on the JGN-X by timely performing the feedback of demonstration and verification results in the test bed environment more than ever in the R&D scene to evolve R&D of the next generation technique in a spiral fashion.

RISE is an OpenFlow test bed configured on the JGN-X for researchers, students, developers, and operators of the network. RISE can verify functions of a new network technique using “Open Flow” which can design the network freely without being limited by existing protocols. Using “OpenFlow” which can freely design a network, functions of a new network technique can be verified without being limited by existing protocols. Using an OpenFlow switch and a controller that can be set and controlled according to a program, a flexible network different from a conventional network can be constructed dependent on the ideas of users such that a communication path can be changed dependent on the kinds of applications.

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