Organization of research and development

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Organization of research and development

RISE performs research and development activities by an organization centering around the test bed research and development laboratory of the NICT test bed research and development promotion center (hereinafter, referred to as a test bed R&D laboratory).

Four research themes of JGN-X

Four research themes as follows are set in the test bed R&D laboratory. RISE provides services within a framework of network orchestration (operation and control) study. Research activities in combination with not only OpenFlow but also other research themes (technique) can be performed.

  • Study on network orchestration
  • Study on large scale emulation
  • Study on verifying wired ⁄ wire-less network virtualizaition infrastructure
  • Study on controlling optical wireless integrated network

Collaborative study project and feedback organization and support organization among industy, academia and government

The test bed R&D laboratory promotes a collaborative study project among industry, academia and government related to the four themes. With regard to these collaborative study projects, an organization is established to perform feedback of a network demonstration experiment using the next generation network by exchanging information while taking one step further than the JGN-X utilization research project.

Operation of technique leading to the new generation network technique evolved on the JGN-X will be supported by the operation organization by an advanced operation project under the initiative of the test bed R&D laboratory and JGN-X NOC.

Research and development organization in assoication with domestic and international organizaiton and projects

In addition to the above, the test bed R&D laboratory promotes a R&D organization combining worldwide knowledge of domestic and international researchers promoting the next generation network in association with the next generation network promotion forum and overseas R&D project.

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