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This website is operated by the “National Institute of Information and Communications Technology test bed research and development promotion center test bed construction planning room.”


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About link to this web site

Link to this web site is allowed freely and without notice.
However, since any except the top page of the Japanese version and the English version URL may be changed without notice, when setting up a link, make a link to these top pages.
When setting up a link to other than the top page, the top page should be linked as well.

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Please note that the content and URL of this web site is subject to change or cancellation without notice.

We will not take responsibility for any damages caused by changes in information or interruption or cancellation of this web site regardless of reasons.

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About Java Script

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About print

If you want to print a page of this web site, if you is not enabled “Print backgrounds” in your browser settings available, does not print correctly.
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※ For Chrome, background printing is not allowed.

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