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Application procedure of RISE

As long as it is for the purpose of R&D, JGN-X is available to anyone in principle.
Outline of application procedure is summarized in this page. Check the link as follows

Application for R&D Application for collavorative research with overseas partners

About application for use of this service

New application for use is necessary for this service in all the research projects.
Check the application procedure flow without fail.

When confirming the documents necessary for the application procedure and details of partnership service to be offered, click the link below.

To necessary documents

When using for R&D

Usage flow of JGN-X
  • The available period is from April 2011 to March 2016 (scheduled).
  • When requesting to use JGN-X, submit the research plan document (outline of research project and information on research organization) using the “application document upload system.
  • In the examination, the content of the submitted research plan is checked to see that it is for the purpose of R&D and it is connectable technically.
  • When using JGN-X, “Contract of collaborative research related to using JGN-XAfter concluding the contract, JGN-X becomes available when securing the line to the access point, PAP, and PNW.

In addition, when using JGN-X, observe items specified in “Utilization guidance to JGN-X”, “Terms of service of JGN-X”, and so on.

How to submit research plan document

In order to use the service in all the research projects, a research plan document needs to be newly submitted.

Download and fill in two kinds of designated EXCEL files for application.
Research plan document :to prepare one file for each research project.
Research plan document :to prepare files of all the research organizations related to the research project.
To upload EXCEL files ofby “application document upload system.”
Application document upload system (Japanese)

Securing the line

Each research organization is expected to secure the line to the access point, PAP, and PNW.
Connection via PAP and PNW (under preparation).
Some areas can be connected via PNW, which utilizes the local information highway by local government, and PAP, which utilizes universities and research organizations. Please check it.

Connection interface at the JGN-X access point is not the same. A port of 100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T (RJ-45) is provided at all the access points. An optical of 1000BASE-LX/SX is provided by the access point of more than 1G. 10G connection is provided between access points having 10G bandwidth or more. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience in the case that 10GBASE-LR/SR for connecting 10G cannot be provided dependent on the content of research and experiment.
Further, since the number of available ports is limited, connecting to a desired port sometimes takes time.


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