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Necessary documents

Application for use of JGN-X is accepted as needed.
As for details on using JGN-X, refer to “utilization guidance.”
Two kinds of “research plan document” and reference materials necessary for application are summarized in the table below. Click the link of the name of the document and download it.

How to submit completed " Research plan document"

Download the attached materials 2-1 and 2-2 “Research plan document” (EXCEL format). Fill in the necessary items and prepare the necessary documents.
Thereafter, click the link as follows to transmit them using the “application document upload system.”

Application document upload system

Necessary documents for application for use

Name of documents Content Kinds of files
Terms of service When using JGN-X, basic items that users should observe are described.
Attached material 1
"Utilization guidance (this text)"
It is a handbook covering information on the use of JGN-X.
Attached material 2-1
“JGN-X research plan document” (Outline of research project)
It is a “Research plan document (Outline of research project)” needed at the time of application for use.
Attached material 2-3
“JGN-X research plan document” (Information on research organization)
Prepare one file for each research project and transmit it using the “application document upload system.”
Attached material 3
“Contract of collaborative research related to use of JGN-X (Example)”
It is the “Research plan document (Information on research organization)” needed at the time of application for use.
Attached material 4
“List of JGN-X access points and PNW”
It is information on service to be offered for each access point.
Attached material 5
“Outline of network”
It is a network outline diagram (for each access point in Japan).
Attached material 6
“Application for use of event”
It is a document necessary for a user who has already concluded a contract of collaborative research to apply a temporal use for an event, demonstration, and so on.
Attached material 7
“About operation of JGN-X international line”
It describes operation policy of the international line.

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